Review of Ant Man

I was probably not the only one who, 4 months ago, thought nothing of Ant Man. I was always going to see it but I was never really excited for it. But then the trailers and the posters started to roll out and I was starting to build excitement for it. Of course you don’t go into an Ant Man film with the same hype as an Avengers film. When you come out of an Avengers film, no matter if it’s good or bad, the next two days you are going to be hyped and thinking that it was awesome but then a week later you start to pick the holes in it. So if you come out of a film that you weren’t amazingly hyped for and you come out thinking it was awesome that shows that the film was actually really good.

Ant Man is centred on Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) and Corey Stoll (Darren Cross). With supporting actors like Michael Peña and T.I. The film tells the story of how Scott Lang came to be the Ant Man, if you were putting it simply. But there are many other stories that fit into this film and all ‘fit’ in. They don’t feel convoluted like Age of Ultron maybe did. Hank Pym is a retired Superhero who left that life after a personal tragedy, he set up a tech company after his retirement. He chose a young scientist to follow him and succeed him. That scientist is called Darren Cross, this young scientist is curious about the stories he has heard of the Ant Man but Hank Pym just says that it is all propaganda. Darren Cross kicked Hank out of his own company and his daughter, Hope, is the deciding vote. However, after Hope realises Darren is starting to show sinister tendencies hope goes back to her father to stop him.

When most people heard that there was an Ant Man film coming out they probably thought that it sounded pretty dumb. This film does not take itself very seriously and it really works, they know that Ant Man is not a very good or cool superhero but they make it work. This film is incredibly funny, Michael Peña is brilliant and he steals every scene he’s in. You can definitely see the Edgar Wright humour coming through in the film. Also fair play to Marvel for giving him a couple of credits because his original ideas were definitely used. I Thought Michael Douglas was really good, he could have been used a bit more but the parts he was in he was very good. I liked the backstory of the original Ant Man, I would love to see a film with a young Hank Pym film. Evangeline Lilly was good also, her character has a bigger role in the film than anyone thought and she pulls it off. Her performance makes me want to see more of her in the Marvel films, I would be open to her appearing in Civil War but it may be a bit too soon. I definitely see her appearing in Infinity War.

Another thing I liked about this film was that it connected to the universe it is part of but it didn’t slap you in the face with Avengers references. There are a few references but they are spread out and they fit in with the movie, they don’t feel forced. A criticism of Marvel films is always that they could have just called Thor or Hulk and everything would have been a lot easier. They address this in the film and they have a pretty solid reason which has connections to Civil War. I think Hank’s views on S.H.I.E.L.D. are the views that a lot of people now have post Age of Ultron. I felt the plot moved at a good pace and the humour helped move it on. Visually this film is unbelievable, they utilised the shrinking very well. There is a bit towards the end that may not make sense but it looks spectacular. Also the 3D actually enhanced the experience in my opinion, so I would recommend seeing the film in 3D. The end of this film contrasts from other Marvel films like Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy where there is a massive fight scene where a city is nearly destroyed. Whereas this film ends with a contained fight. It is a small scene but it seems big. It looks like they are destroying a city but it actually is in a bedroom, this is again good use of the shrinking.

However, like some other Marvel films the villain suffers from being rushed into it. I have no problems with the portrayal of Darren Cross but he is sort of thrown into being a villain. There is no point where he snaps and becomes this evil guy. There is an explanation that the particles he is working with have infected his brain and made him evil which I can kind of get but it isn’t explored we are just told that it happens and then we are shown that it has happened. Also with Marvel villains there is usually a part of them that thinks they are doing is right with Darren Cross this is not the case. Also some of the ‘science’ they go into in the movie is a bit farfetched I thought that there would have been other ways of explaining what they wanted to do. Although they showed the science spectacularly. I guess we didn’t get much of Paul Rudd’s trademark humour, there were some scenes where he seemed to be let free but it felt like he was a bit suppressed.

Ultimately, this a truly enjoyable film that is incredibly funny and a very good cinema experience. It is a very pleasant surprise and a break from massive world destroying Marvel films. It is very grounded it also feels new, like Winter Soldier it is not a through and through super hero film. Like Winter Soldier was a spy thriller, Ant Man is a heist film. What is really annoying me is people saying “I just can’t get away from thinking what Edgar Wright would have done”. Well he left the project so deal with it! He still had a massive part to play in the film. Peyton Reed only signed up 2 weeks before filming started so he couldn’t have made new scenes and scripts. I also think that the directing is very good in this film. This is partly an Edgar Wright film just be happy with that. What we have is a very good film which will be tarnished by the people who think Edgar Wright could’ve done better, which I’m not sure he could. If anyone is reading this and isn’t sure whether to see this film. SEE IT!!!

I feeel that even if you are not a superhero film fan this is still a film for you. My dad, who, may like these ‘some’ films but never more than “yeah that was alright”, said that he really enjoyed this film. This is down to the films originality, it doesn’t feel like a normal superhero film becuase it isn’t. What it is, is  an extremely funny film, infused with a heist film, a littel pinch of ‘comic bookyness’ and is centred around a guy who just wants to piece his life and family back together (he can also shrink to the size of an Ant if you were after anymore). This was definitley up there with the best of the best of the Marvel solo films, which is why I will say this is…



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