Trailer Reviews: Batman Vs Superman Comic-Con Trailer

We start off with a sort of trial scene, where we are told that Superman is being held responsible for the cataclysmic events in Metropolis. There is also a crowd outside protesting him showing that a proportion of the public agree with them Then we see a reversed shot from Man of Steel where a building collapses because of Zod’s heat vision. This shot is from Bruce Wayne’s perspective and boy doe she look mad. Just like the last trailer where you could literally see Ben Affleck’s face trembling with rage we get a sense of Affleck will bring to this film which other actors may not have brought. I assume that at this point Batman has not been seen for a while and this is the spark that ignites the flame in Bruce again as he charges into the dust cloud rampaging from the building without flinching. Exactly what batman would do! Then we get a shot of the decrepit Wayne manor and what I guess is Alfred walking in the fields. Then there is a flash of the Batcave and oh my, it looks awesome. It looks like a next level modern flat in London but in a cave, there are different levels and everything. Then you can hear the same voice clip from Jeremy Irons from the first trailer but it makes more sense in the context of this trailer. Then we get a glimpse of Jeremy irons and I can’t really put my finger on it but I really really like his look, Michael Caine has some big shoes for Jeremy Irons to fill but I really think he can fill them. Bruce is now holding some piece of hate mail which is an extract from an article with the headline ‘Dozens Killed’… Really? Dozens? An entire building is cut in half, the surroundings to the building would’ve been covered in rubble from this building so not only will there have been thousands of people in that building that would have died but there would halva also been thousands crushed by the falling building! Then some stuff happens which is meaningless. Superman gets some pep talks from people and we see that Clark Kent is trying to attack Batman through the press as well as physically. Then we get another Jesus/angel suggestion being carried on from Man of steel which really annoys me. Then he gets another pep talk but this time from his mum and there is a montage of him saving people. Then we see Lex Luthor, ever since I saw the story pop up in my news feed I have been sceptical about Jesse Eisenberg and I still am. He doesn’t need to have this stupid wig. We all know that he will bald and everything he says will seem way more sinister if he was bald but with these luscious locks everything he says is just unintentionally funny. Then Zod is rolled in and unzipped which probably has something to do with Doomsday, another storyline to make this film more crowded. Then you get a shot of the Robin costume which has been defaced by the Joker. Which suggests they will use the death in the family story line which I am really happy about because we cannot be left with the Joel Schumacher version of Robin being the only live action incarnation we have. I really want DIck Grayson to be a part of this universe so we can have Nightwing in the universe. Then we see the same shot of Superman with the Superman soldiers and he does not look happy about being there at all. Which probably suggests they have nothing to do with him. Then we see Batman’s battle suit which looks awesome here, he is turning on the bat signal which I think is him calling superman to fight. Then there is a shot of Bruce’s parents being killed.., Again! If you haven’t grasped the concept of that from the other 15 times we have seen it then I worry about you. Wonder Woman shows up, I don’t want to speculate what she is doing there because if I’m honest I couldn’t care less. She doesn’t need to be in this film let alone the trailer. Just let her make her obligatory appearance in the film and then let her leave. She is taking up 3 seconds of this trailer that could have been taken up by more spine tingling staring matches between Batman and Superman. There is 3 Batman suits in this trailer. 2 are really good looking, the other… well. This desert suit doesn’t work for me he looks really weird. The trailer then leads to Lex saying “The red capes are coming”. What is that, I sort of think the only reason Jesse Eisenberg took this job was to mock it (that is a broad claim, he will probably prove me wrong in the fil but what the heck). But then you forget about this when superman walks up to the crashed Batmobile and just rips the top off. Batman then slowly stands and they stare for a couple of seconds… Amazing! Some of this trailer is outstanding but there are still parts of this film I am not sold on and this trailer didn’t help that. However I do have more faith In Ben Affleck portraying batman after this trailer.




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