Who was the best Spider-Man?


It is thought that Tobey Maguire looked more like Peter Parker than Andrew Garfield. Yes, he does come across geekier but in all the comics I have Peter Parker is not some ugly geek. He is quite a good looking guy (as good looking as a drawing can be). I don’t think Tobey Maguire pulls this off. Even when he walks down the street bringing at the finger guns at random girls, oh my Spiderman 3 was so bad.

For me, Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker. He is still geeky but he just looks the part. I think that this is a reoccurring idea throughout the Amazing Spiderman films, that they are more like the comics they are more eccentric. And I like that. Also he suits the glasses a lot better than Tobey.

So for me, Andrew Garfield wins in the competition for looking like Peter Parker.


Although Tobey Maguire may not completely look the part. He does put a good performance as Peter Parker. He is definitely geeky, he does give off a sense of intelligence, which is definitely parts of Peter Parker’s character. He sometimes tries to pull some wise cracks which don’t really work and the acting seems a bit fake and it is definitely not believable. However, I think that this has something to do with the time this was brought out, the entire film is a bit rubbish compared to the newer films because they probably had more money and better effects to work with. Overall he is a pretty good Peter Parker, even though he doesn’t look the part.

Andrew Garfield is a completely different take on the character. He is still a geeky outcast but he is a photographer skater boy with gravity defying hair. When you think about Peter Parker this is probably not what you think but after 15 minutes of him we all adjust and grow to love this version of Peter Parker. He makes his character a lot more relatable we see him truly discover that “with great power comes great responsibility” whereas Tobey Maguire just uncovers that part way through the second one. Andrew Garfield’s emotions he tries to convey are a lot more believable. His connection with Uncle Ben is a lot more apparent and his death seems to have more of an effect on Andrew Garfield than it does on Tobey Maguire.

For me, Tobey Maguire probably swings it in the competition for being Peter Parker.


Tobey Maguire:

Andrew Garfield:

So yeah, I think we know who wins that (but if you need it spelt out it’s definitely Tobey Maguire)


Now, of course we are all familiar with the iconic upside down kiss scene in Tobey Maguire’s first outing. However, you can put any two people in the rain, make them kiss and make it memorable. The rest of the trilogy we are fed this fake and forced relationship. Mary Jane Watson, Kirsten Dunst, is pretty poor in the trilogy. I just never believed their relationship and the bit where she runs to him in her wedding dress makes me cringe every time. It’s like the writer forgot what they were writing and changed to rom-com for a scene. It’s also so harsh on the guy she is supposed to be marrying. No one seems to notice that she has broken this guy’s heart and that Pete is just like yeah I’ll suddenly change my mind and be with you, with no regard to the guy MJ just left at the altar literally minutes previously. His relationship with Aunt May is pretty solid even if the scenes with her are boring and drawn out and what was that story about her getting evicted, WHO CARES! This is a Spider-Man film. Aunt May’s only purpose is to be a shoulder for Spider-Man to cry on, we don’t need an Aunt May story. As I have already stated the Uncle Ben relationship is quite poor but then we don’t’ see much of him.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy is probably the best on screen couple I have ever seen, Of course they are aided by the fact that they are together in real life but for some people it is hard to transfer the relationship off screen to on It. Every scene where they are together is believable you really get the sense that they are in love. I cannot put into words how much I love these two and that is probably the biggest loss from the Sony/Marvel team up. The fact that both roles will be recast. That is if they use Gwen Stacy. I also love the relationships with all the family in the Amazing Spiderman although again we have a story we really couldn’t care less about but with Peter’s parents this time. But the role model Uncle Ben is to Peter in these films is great for me I think that it isn’t really explored in the original trilogy. I also prefer this version of Aunt May. I think the younger version of her is better. It fits with the modern theme of these films. She also seems to care a lot more about Peter. Also I like that peter lives with her because it allows her to be the person who is pushing Peter to be a better man and a better Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield wins this round by a landslide.


First of all fair play to Tobey Maguire as he must have been working out nonstop for months to get as ripped as he is in these films but it seems sort of unnatural which transfers into his portrayal of Spider-Man. He doesn’t have the swagger you need to be Spider-Man, just writing that I get glimpses of that walk in Spiderman 3 (utterly horrible). His voice doesn’t suit the Spiderman persona, I can’t put Tobey Maguire and Spider-Man together. Although he is a very good peter parker he just isn’t Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield for me, is the perfect Spider-Man which is why I am so sad to see him go. He definitely has the swagger of Spider-Man and the voice. He just suits the persona that Tobey Maguire could never live up to. I love the bit where he says “if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief”. He can pull off the wise cracks and actually make the audience laugh.

Andrew Garfield is the winner of this round


I’m sorry but let’s be honest Tobey you had one alright film in Spiderman 2 and two other dreadful films and Andy well your films may not have been perfect, in my view they are both better than all the original trilogy put together. So Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-Man.

Do you agree? Or do you violently disagree with my views? Let me know!  



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