How Agents of Shield Has Just Destroyed Age of Ultron

Ever since the ABC show started and brought the ‘glue’ that brought the Avengers together back from the dead, of course I am talking about Phil Coulson. Ever since episode one it has been clear that the cinematic universe of Marvel and the television universe do not see eye to eye. With this week’s latest episode they have showed this off once again…






For starters, the second half of the series has been based around a thing called ‘Theta Protocol’ this is a massive secret of Coulson’s that we all thought was leading up to something big. But no it’s just Coulson, who by the way is still dead in the Cinematic universe according to Joss Whedon, somehow managing to orchestrate the Avengers ‘assembling’ once again. But in the film the Avengers themselves talk about how they’ve been trying to find Loki’s sceptre ever since New York and about all the Hydra raids they have been doing. So, someone who is dead, is assembling a team that is already assembled. Good one. I know that Coulson has obviously been in contact with Fury regarding this secret ‘protocol’ but then surely his name would come up in the film, which is doesn’t, also wouldn’t he be on the helicarrier Fury just managed to find from nowhere. There is also no sign of Gonzales who is supposedly running S.H.I.E.L.D, yes that’s right not Fury!

Another thing wrong with this episode is Raina, who can see into the future. I have no quarrel with her powers but oh boy doesn’t she look stupid, why the spikes, can she not see into the future and look normal? But my actual quarrel is with she sees. She sees “metal men” basically taking over the world, well if she could actually see in to the future she’d see that the Avengers stop the “metal men”. So Raina knows that Ultron will be created from Loki’s sceptre but she doesn’t get Gordon, A TELEPORTER, to take her to see Mr. Stark and maybe tell him that he is about to almost destroy the world. Might’ve been nice for her to do that. It was really hard to pick holes in the e story line of Age of Ultron but now… now it has been blown wide open.

Also, why are they even introducing Inhumans now? It makes no sense, the film isn’t for another 3 or 4 years so why are they setting it up now. This series started off so well but it has just derailed. It has been one bad storyline after another, I’ll admit it has been mildly exciting but only mildly. A series about S.H.I.E.L.D should be non-stop action. It should be about agents doing stuff agents do not running after Inhumans or fighting between which S.H.I.E.L.D to choose. Thank the Lord the season finale is next week, FINALLY.



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