Trailer reviews: Batman Vs Superman

First we have an unknown voice calling Superman “the most powerful man in the world” Then it cuts to a scene of Henry Cavil rocking the new suit as we saw in Man of Steel. In this scene Superman looks king of nervous or scared, he is surrounded by people with some sort of masks on trying to touch him (I don’t blame him for being uncomfortable!). We then have a shot of Superman carrying a Russian space craft it looks like, maybe from a failed launch. The purpose of these sequences is to show that Superman hasn’t been confined to Metropolis, he has been all around the world. And the public seem to love him so the voice over questioning him are probably politicians or businessmen. The most noticeable of these voices is the one and only Jesse Eisenberg, Lex Luthor, talking about Superman being the devil. We then are shown a glass statue which looks to be placed in the area where Superman fought Zod in Man of Steel. However, the words “false God” are painted on the statue, implying the public may not love him that much. We also see some soldiers bowing down to Superman which is sort of weird considering the government seems to not approve of his ways (or him). What is also weird about this scene is the fact that the soldiers are wearing the “S” of superman on their arms, does Superman have his own army or a team to help him? We then here Jeremy Irons’ voice who is of course portraying Alfred in this film. He says “that’s how it starts… the fever; the rage; the feeling of powerlessness”. Whilst our new Bruce Wayne, Ben Affleck, pops up. I am finding it really hard to see Ben Affleck as a Bruce Wayne but we must give him a chance to make up for Daredevil. But if he fails, this might mean the demise of the DC universe completely! There’s no way to know who Alfred is talking about here Batman or Superman. It could even be Alfred trying to console Bruce about one of his estranged robins as there has been strong rumours about Red Hood being involved with this film. The alias of Red Hood has at a point belonged to Jason Todd, a former Robin! Bruce is looking at worn down Batsuit, like its owner… It has a questionable look. The trailer then moves on to a dark scene what I assume a rundown part of Gotham as there is graffiti everywhere. One of the pieces of graffiti is a question mark, maybe relating to the Riddler. If you look closely you can see Batman in the distance behind the mist looking menacing, a common theme throughout this trailer. What would Batman be without his trusted vehicles? The Batmobile and the Batwing. We only catch the back of the Batmobile but we do see the Bat wing fly past and shoot at some people and they don’t look like they’re getting up. Could this Batman be a killer? This again picks up the theme of darkness surrounding Batman. We then see Batman fully suited walking around again looking dark and intimidating. Batman on top of a tower looking down over his city is not uncommon. However, when Batman is holding a sniper rifle then it’s a bit different! Even if he does look pretty badass. Then we get our first view of the confrontation between the two heroes. With Batman in his supped up metal armour suit with glowing eyes. This could be the rumoured suit that some way uses Kryptonite. Superman is looking down at him from above, Guess what… It’s raining, of course it’s raining! Then Batman through his robotic sounding voice says “do you bleed?” Then Superman comes crashing down and we hear Batman continue to say “you will”. And that was that! All in all a very dark and gritty trailer. Keeping with the DC theme of being the dark side of superhero movies. But it is a good trailer it shows us everything that we needed to be shown really and leaves a lot, A LOT to be discussed. But as usual I’m sure everyone’s theories will end up not being right. All that’s left to say is thank you to the person that leaked the trailer and forced Zack Snyder to release it officially.




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