The Cynical Movie Goer

Got a point!

The Sunflower Cafe


Since when have people become so cynical when it comes to film? There seems to be a superior complex where the cynical one comes off as better than the rest for noticing each and every flaw that may present itself in a movie. Suddenly they’re more intelligent for recognizing every con and immediately disregarding a film because it doesn’t reach the right standards. Meanwhile everyone else blindly falls head over heals for the movie and are viewed as uncultured or dumb to the cynical one. It’s a little sad, but it seems to be more and more common today. Then again, maybe this has always been the case, but the internet gives those inner opinions a fog horn.

I personally can’t stand a great deal of cynicism. I believe it has a time and place, but to nitpick every little detail is going overboard – especially when it comes to…

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