My Review of Wonder Woman

Man of Steel: meh, BvS: less said about that the better, Suicide Squad: meh and now Wonder Woman. Not a lot to beat. Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot as the titular character (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) who has grown up on a remote Island called Themyscira which is populated by […]

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My Review of Sleepless

Before watching Sleepless, I wasn’t aware that it was in fact a remake of a 2011 French film called Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night). This title makes a lot more sense to the film as he is up all night (a sleepless night). Sleepless sounds like a character study on someone with mental issues who can’t […]

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My Review of Colossal

Colossal is a film that came out of nowhere for me, I saw some reviews and when I saw it was going to be released in the UK I needed to check it out. People who complain about cinematic universe fatigue and feel there isn’t enough original ideas being turned into films then released need […]

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My Review of Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant is somewhat of a sequel to Prometheus, the next film in this Alien-verse. It is again directed by Ridley Scott and follows the crew of the ‘Covenant’ Colonisation vessel who are on their way to a planet that they believe is habitable for humans. However, they find a closer planet that seems to […]

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Late to the Party: Get Out

Get Out is directed by half of Key and Peele, Jordan Peele, signalling a seismic shift in his career. It stars Daniel Kaluuya, Chris, who is going to meet his Girlfriend’s (Allison Williams) parents for the first time. Chris is worried that Rose, his girlfriend, is underestimating the importance of the fact that he is […]

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